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  • August 8, 2014
Airport Retail: The Golden Hour and 4 Missed Opportunities - Click here for full article

Excerpt: One of my most memorable airport retail experiences took place in Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport at 5AM local time. I had arrived extra early, as advised, for an international flight to Paris and thanks to short security lines- I had plenty of time to kill. Following the requisite visit to the espresso stand, I hit the stores hard and while it wasn’t quite the uber shopping experience of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, it was a great opportunity to pick up some last minute souvenirs and a few regional specialty items at competitive duty-free prices for myself as well. During my brief layover in Paris, my shopping spree continued at Charles De Gaulle where I was offered a glass of champagne in the Hermes boutique and was tempted by the wide selection in the Longchamp store. Brands are clearly beginning to embrace the captive audiences in airport terminals but the opportunity is much bigger.

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